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Nu | Modern Jewish Bistro

Weekend brunch

Open Saturdays & Sundays (only)

10am - 4pm

One price to get in. You pick your entree and leave the rest to us.

Included with you breakfast or sandwich is a "nosh and nibble" table for you to help yourself. Everything made from scratch (just like our mother did) We will be mixing it up every week. Maybe a little noodle kugel, latke puppies, fresh fruit, chopped liver, even house made bagels. Like a cocktail party w/o the booze (unless you want to bring it).

We are "hybrid Jews" and proud of it. So is the restaurant! We've got "Jewish" foods. We've got non Jewish foods. Our parents taught us to love it all! We hope you do too.

So, wear your pjs or wear your church outfit. Bring your friends or relatives. Kibitz or argue. We don't care. Eat. Relax. Just come and celebrate the weekend with us. Better than brunch at home. We make it. We clean up